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I Made A "Wreath" Finger Salad!

Last time, I made a vegan charcuterie board! Since then, I've been trying to make it just a little bit greener and calling it... a finger salad! 

This holiday has been very hectic for me (It's our first Sweetduet Holiday!) so I haven't been able to film things as soon as I would have liked-- but I finally did and made a time lapse video out of it! I was SO excited to make this one that I forgot to add one essential thing-- you guessed it: Sweetduets! Oops! Next time :)


If you're really curious about making your own charcuterie board or grazing board, take a look at my video and see if you find an inspiration! Here's my grocery checklist so I don't get overwhelmed. 

The idea is to entice the senses! Crunchy, soft, creamy, juicy, sweet, savory, all of it! You can bring on as much as you can fit on your board! Sky's the limit!

  • Greens (on the board: dill and baby kale)
    • I saw a fresh bunch of dill at the DTLA farmers market and it was screaming to be made into a wreath, visually. Dill by itself, is too tough and overwhelmingly fragrant. So I brought a second green (baby kale) to share the space. I think spring mix would also have been great, too.
  • Crunchy vegetables (on the board: radish)
    • It was both a color and texture choice. Since the radish is red, it looks great as an ornament!
  • Fresh fruits (on the board: apple, grapes, kumquats, blueberries)
    • The apple paired exceptionally well with the cheese. I wanted a few smaller fruits that were not red to accent the board.
  • Cheese (on the board: Miyoko's Garlic and Herb Cheese)
    • This cheese actually triple-threat
  • Deli meats (on the board: Mia Plant-Based Prosciutto)
  • Dip or Hummus
    • Due to limited space, I doubled Miyoko's Cheese as a dip because it was so soft! It worked out quite nicely.
  • Nuts and dried fruit (on the board: mixed nuts and dried cranberries)
  • Something briny (on the board: Divinia Roasted Red Tomatoes)
    • With few other truly juicy things on the board, I wrapped these roasted tomato beauties in the prosciutto. The bite was explosive! Olives are my other go-to.

Start with the greens and the larger pieces first and work your down to the smaller pieces like nuts to sprinkle and accent. Use your intuition and have fun with it!

Stay warm and curious!


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