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Grazing and Entertaining with Sweetduet

It is now clear as the day: Sweetduet LOVES cheese, you wouldn't believe!

Holidays is right around the corner and I want to show you what we've been putting together at the House of Sweetduet and how you can easily put together a charcuterie board too! 



I took a charcuterie class with Kat of @crueltyfreecharcuterie and learned a few amazing rule of thumbs that IMMEDIATELY elevated my charcuterie game. One incredibly wonderful thing I learned from taking her workshop is that preparing your board gives you a wonderful spiritual connection to your food. By taking the time to visually prepare your platter, you are also honoring the beauty of the food you are about to eat.

Take your time building the platter and even more time enjoying everything on it and honor every texture and flavor!

My boards usually contain the following:

    • baguette, crackers, or large leafy greens that serve as a base
      • on this board for two people, I'm using a single baguette and a dragonfruit crisps from Trader Joe's
    • 2 or more crunchy vegetables
      • Cucumbers and beets were my two choices here
      • also frequently use carrots
    • 2 or more fruits 
      • Pears, persimmon, raisins, and raspberries were my choices
      • also frequently use grapes
    • 2 or more seeds and nuts 
      • on the board: almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds
      • tip: you can use them as garnish like you see on the cheese
    • green garnish like rosemary, basil, dill, mint, or fresh flowers
      • I love to use rosemary because you can keep it long and allow it to frame certain things and also cut into smaller pieces like you see on fig/orange spread

    For me, I like to eat as much colors from nature as possible, not to mention it makes for a visually pleasing board, so when I'm shopping, I'm always looking cross off my list for green, orange, and red colors -- the more colors, the merrier (and healthier)!

    Once you have your board, the real fun begins! You can build your hors d'oevres and explore different flavor combinations! It's fun to build them based off the visuals and then be surprised by how awesome certain combinations are! 

    Here's one I made with a baguette, pepperoni, cheese, and pineapple Sweetduet!

    Stay curious and Sweet my friends!

    Love, Annie

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