Sweetduet Around the World

The pilot episode is out.

For the last three years, I've obsessively followed Sweetduet Chocolate around the world with my camera.

I wanted to develop a voice for a brand that was so very personal to me but I had no clue what that meant, so I shot everything. Tradeshows, other founders, business travels, our retailers...  It was also during the time I was building the infrastructure for the company, basics like marketing, production, and fulfillment. Crazy times. Still crazy times.

1 terabyte of footages later, I connected the common denominator of all the stories I had collected: they were tales of real human beings, doing their very best in life and of course Sweetduet.

I strung out the pieces together into 10-15 minute abstract episodes called Sweetduet Around the World. Some of these pieces date back to mid-2022.

Check it out and share with anyone who would enjoy, or would want to visit his shop and please, don't forget to sign our newsletter below, where we'll update you on the following episodes and our journey.