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Behind-the-Scenes : The Evolution of Sweetduet's Packaging

Had it not been for Audrey, my manufacturing partner at Earth Source Organics, I would have had Sweetduets in a bright, practically neon-like packaging and called it Dipped Dandies. 

Few years ago, when I sold my chocolates at the Farmers Market under the company Woohoo! Sweetery (Woo is my last name), I was also in the beginning of my graphics design journey. I allowed myself the freedom to express whatever was on my mind. At the time, Dipped Dandies was 72% dark chocolate dipped mango, pineapple rings, apple rings, persimmon, pears, strawberries, and dates. 

A lot of thought went into settling on the final four fruits to becoming a packaged product. For example, I loved the dipped strawberries, but I couldn't find any that did not have added sugar. As for the others, I found them to be just too dry and I wanted my products to taste the best but without any unnecessary ingredients. 

Just before we launched, I met Audrey and she advised me that I change the packaging and that it wouldn't get the kind of attention I'd expect. That winter, I was determined to get it right. I had fresh cacao pods shipped from Peru and gathered all the fruits from the local grocery stores and farmers market, locked myself in my sister's garage and got to work.

And the packaging for Sweetduet as we know was born. Well, it wasn't that easy. We also went back and forth for 2 months to figure out the right name, designing the logo and the copy, getting the certifications sorted out.. And the evolution isn't over yet! We will always work on evolving, but it can't happen without it being heard. 

So if there is anybody out there with a genuine desire to improve upon Sweetduet, speak up! This didn't happen overnight with just me-- otherwise it would have been Dipped Dandies and the lovable fruit characters!

Love, Annie

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I love this story. Yes, you certainly changed the packaging to have a more sophisticated look and feel. I look forward to trying your duets as soon as I get to Jimbo’s. Do you still sell at Farmer’s Markets?


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