Collection: As Seen in Sweetduet Films

Every year we have been in business, we filmed Sweetduet shorts with real antique props and vend them to raise money to grow our business. Each vintage item is stored in the best conditions while in our possession and sometimes even graced the tables during demos.

With each memorabilia purchased, we will also include a Sweetduet Giftbox as a special thank you.

Please click into each pieces and enjoy the films that accompany each artifact.

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Close to Earth as Possible

Because our products are as unrefined and close to earth as possible, like wine, every batch and harvest yield different taste unique to weathers and conditions. 

Our ingredients and facility are certified CCOF Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Kosher using no refined sugar, lecithin, sulfur dioxide, colorant, or flavors of any kind.