A Sweetduet Journey

My chocolate obsession began when I was working in a little chocolate shop in Lower East Side, Manhattan. Those times float in my memory like it was a magical dream. When I left, I traveled through Europe to find my own inspiration and was engaged by the beautiful presentations of the fine chocolate world, but puzzled by the lack of transparency and innovation in ingredients. This sparked the rebel in me.

I returned home to LA and started a Farmers Market stand (FKA Woohoo Sweetery) with my partner, Chris. It is there that I found a sense of purpose: to care for the health and well-being of my community. As my philosophy and recipes evolved, I aspired to reach chocolate-lovers beyond my community. I channeled my artistry into the packaging and through research in nutrition, created a brand new formula: date nectar sweetened chocolate for dipping unadulterated organic dried fruit.

Watch my 37-second commercial!

Sweetduet is the representation of my deepening appetite for self-care, community, and the belief that food is medicine (thank you, Mom). I believe we are capable of accomplishing anything we put our minds to and a balanced, healthy body and mind will help us get there.