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The Best Alternative to Chocolate Covered Fruit, Delivered to You

The Best Alternative to Chocolate Covered Fruit Delivery?

It’s us! We make the best, cleanest, most decadent chocolate covered fruits!

Chocolate covered fruit delivery of fruit gifts and gift baskets is a popular way to send some love to your special people and even to yourself. You know, like those hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries that make up beautiful bouquets from that big company whose name you can’t forget… yum! But sometimes when you can’t finish it right away, it’s stored in the refrigerator where it will have limited lifespan. Or maybe you don’t have that kind of problem. Maybe it’s not that you’re not intimidated by the prospect of eating an entire package by yourself, that’s beautiful too, but that you’re looking to try something a little different. Something new. Something born from these unprecedented times with a mission, aspiring to make a difference in this world through love and nutrition. 

That did happen, you know, once-upon-a-recently. It was March of 2019, when I met my partner, Heath (he’s the behind the scenes guy). Exactly a year later, March of 2020, we decided to make Sweetduet official, and then the whole world shut down, basically. We had never been more unsure about anything else in our entire lives leading up to that point. We didn’t even know if Sweetduet was ever going to happen. But we were bound by a duty. Well, in all honesty, one of my duties that came to the forefront during these unprecedented times was a fight to secure my future. It’s become harder than ever for small and medium size businesses to stay afloat. SO MANY small businesses have tragically had to close their doors. Lots of things have happened here, at Sweetduet since it all began but here we are, looking at the world, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, once again.

So here I am, in 665 words or less, which is supposedly the sweet spot for this type of blog, in utter excitement, relief, and appreciation to you, my very welcomed reader, in announcing to you that Sweetduet is now taking orders to give you an experience unlike any other: beautiful, elegant, but casual encasing, and a show-stopping texture and flavor profile. There is nothing like this experience except chocolate covered fruit delivery, But if you’re craving those, why not give Sweetduet a try? It is oh so very worth it.  

Here are some of the ways you can enjoy Sweetduet:

  1. Visit our website and check out our line featuring my lovely heartwork
  2. Follow us on Instagram: @sweetduetchocolate
  3. Sign up for our emailing list where I will sometimes feed you boring chocolate information or some exciting news like this one!

Here we go! We are welcoming all well-wishers and wavers. Thank you for your blessings! And hello!

P.S. Top priority no contact and “contact is not necessary for deliveries.” What? Nothing.

by Annie Woo


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