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Chocolate Covered Pineapples - An Unprocessed Superfood

Guest writer and artist, Christopher James Talio.

In his words:

When one thinks of chocolate, let alone pineapple chunks covered in melted dark chocolate, they are not typically concerned with nutrition information. It comes as no surprise that the yearning for that delicious taste, elegant texture, and an overall boost in mood is usually what sets the mind in motion, its sights set on chocolate debauchery.

However, if you would indulge me, there are significant upsides to our delightful chocolate covered dipped fruit, which is of course, dipped in melted chocolate.

In this post I would like the opportunity to feature Sweetduet’s extraordinary covered pineapple, pineapple covered, yes, with melted dark chocolate. The pineapple is the world's third most important tropical fruit after bananas and citrus. If you didn’t know, pineapples are loaded with a variety of vitamins and minerals. They are particularly rich in vitamin c and manganese. But hold on! Not only are pineapples full of nutrients they are also packed with healthy antioxidants. Foods with antioxidants may help prevent some pretty bad chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. But don’t let me forget about the enzymes, namely bromelain which helps break down proteins. Proteins are helpful for all sorts of different things, but mostly they help with the body’s regenerative processes. Bromelain may also reduce inflammation speeding up recovery from damage caused by strenuous physical exercises. The list goes on, but you can now understand that pineapple is a major player in the health game. Cover these sun dried fruits in melted dark chocolate and, oh boy, it’s going to be a fantastic day.

Sweetduet’s pineapple chunks covered in melted dark chocolate are a fantastic addition to any part of your day. Maybe you want dark chocolate dipped fruits for breakfast? Or for a post-workout dark chocolate smash session. Or pre-workout chocolate covered pineapple nosh warm up? It is my very humble opinion that Sweetduet’s chocolate covered pineapple slices are a necessity, a panacea, one of the world’s undiscovered wonders. Who could conceive, healthy dark chocolate dipped fruit snack or dessert that doesn’t contain any refined sugar or sulfured dried fruit but that is also uncompromising in delicious taste? Sweetduet’s chocolate covered pineapple is simply the best of its kind.

Personally, in my experience with dark chocolate dipped fruits from other brands, I am consistently left with some emptiness, some yearning still, even after consuming a full bag of their cheap over processed fruits. Always these guys are usually produced with a confectioner's glaze that reminds me of some milk duds I had in grade 3. If you want to level up your dark chocolate covered fruit game you want Sweetduet’s dark chocolate covered pineapple because it’s really just the best dark chocolate dipped pineapple you might ever sink those teeth of yours into.

Christopher James Talio is a plant-based multimedia artist in Los Angeles, CA
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