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Make Cafe Latte with Stove-top Espresso Maker

I love using the stove-top espresso maker because it is easy enough to use and a momentarily engaging activity-- grind, scoop, pour, the aroma, the sounds, the warmth. Not to mention these espresso makers are basically bullet-proof and lasts forever unlike some gadgets that serve for 5 years and end up in trash. It may not be instant coffee at the press of a button, but the the fact you made it the old-school way is what makes it so magical and quite a mindful activity!

Last week, my friend Nik of Bucci Coffee sent over 2 pounds of his amazing organic Ethiopian Medium Roast and I had to make a cafe latte with it!

A cafe latte is a coffee beverage made with espresso and steamed coffee. It is my favorite coffee beverage because it adds a little creaminess to the bitter coffee without having to sweeten it.

Watch my video of making said latte here. Otherwise, scroll down for instructions! :)

You will need:

  1. Fill the espresso maker with water right up to the steam hole
  2. Finely grind your roasted coffee or espresso beans (to make the most of the beans, keep it fine).
  3. Fill the espresso cup with ground coffee
  4. Tightly assemble the two parts of the espresso maker
  5. On high heat, allow the espresso maker to work its magic until the top compartment is full of espresso. Coffee spurting will slow down.
  6. Heat milk in sauce pan
  7. Fill mug with espresso halfway (for stronger latte, use more espresso)
  8. Top off with milk (for latte) or water (for and americano)
  9. Drink unsweetened or with your choice of sweetener

For an iced latte, pour espresso over ice and add cold milk. You can also store your espresso in the fridge but the flavor is more fresh and alive when used immediately.

Enjoy your latte looking out the window, writing in your journal, or listening to your favorite podcast (I've been really into The Joe Rogan Experience lately) and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Photo & Video by Annie Woo

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